Data protection declaration

We are happy that you have chosen to visit our website. Protecting your personal data is very important for us. In the following we are going to inform you properly about the use of your private data

1. Responsible entity

Following corporation bears the legal responsibility for the handling of your data:

GreatStay GmbH
Paul Robeson Str. 49
10439 Berlin

Following person is our data protection officer inside the company:

Leonid Bojko (Managing Director)
GreatStay GmbH
Paul Robeson Str. 49
10439 Berlin

2. Purpose of the corporation and this website 

GreatStay GmbH is a professional operator of holiday apartments in Berlin and therefore generates bookings for short term leisure and business travers. We generate client bookings which include typical private data for hospitality business like first name, family name, gender, address, date of birth and contact information (phone, email) in accordance with the German registration law for hotel and hospitality businesses (Bundesmeldegesetz für Gaststättenbetriebe). All our bookings are generated directly throughout our partner corporations, so called OTA’s (online travel agencies) like or Airbnb. This website is a mere “store sign” and neither has a booking backend nor a data base with personal data. As a visitor you cannot book any of our apartments directly through the website nor are we asking for your privacy data. We do not use website analytics tools like GoogleAnalytics nor do we have a contact from, a newsletter or offer any kind of marketing mailings. If you should have any questions regarding one of our places you can directly click on the booking button which will lead you straight to our email contact. This website is based on a WordPress template. WordPress is a free open source content management system which might use Cookies to improve the user experience. Before entering our website a Cookies bar will warn you about the usage of Cookies and ask for your  permission.

3. Hosting

Upon visiting a website each user provides information like IP-address, linked URLs, date, time, browser version & operating system which is stored at the hosting server. This data is necessary, to operate a website. This data will not be attached or attributed to a specific user.

As most small and medium sized businesses we have chosen to host and operate our website with a bigger hosting provider and do not run own web hosting servers, in our case its the company 1und1. To guard our personal rights in distributing our website properly all our content is hosted by 1und1 and all anonymised web traffic data will be processed on their servers. A proper data processing agreement in accordance to the GDPR was concluded.

4.Data processing via our website  

We are not storing any sensitive private data via our website. GreatStay GmbH is primarily working with so called online travel agencies (OTAs) like or Airbnb to generate bookings. Our corporation partners transmit your booking data to us only in case of a generated booking. Those online travel agencies themselves have to comply with GDPR and should warn and advise you about your privacy rights. How, when and which data those OTAs acquire, store and transmit should be transparent throughout their websites and business practices. We are using this data provided by our clients/ guests via OTA partners in accordance with Art. 6 Abs. 1 S. 1 lit. b DSGVO to fulfil your contractual rights if a guest books one of our places. After completion of a stay / the hospitality contract the further processing/ storing of private data will be restricted. Furthermore all private data will be deleted automatically after the lapse of governmental, juridicial and tax related minimum required storage periods as long as a guest did not allow us specifically to us this data further more or the governmental requirements would force us to do so.

5. Data transmission

We do not transmit data to third parties, thats not our business

6. Cookies 

To increase the user expirience of our website we are using Cookies provided by the WordPress template. This usage is in accordance with our corporate interest and Art. 6 Abs. 1 S. 1 lit. f DSGVO. Cookies are small text datas, which are automatically stored at your devise. Some of our Cookies will be deleted automatically at the end of your browser session (so called session Cookies). Other Cookies will stay with your devise and will allow us to identify your browser upon the next website visit (so called persistent Cookies). You can check the duration of the saving period of each Cookie in your browser settings. You can always set up your browser in that manner, that you will always be informed about Cookies settings and also decide whether you agree to set specific, any or even no Cookies at all at your personal discretion. Each browser has his unique Cookies setting. For more information visit the help center our your browser. Those can be found for the following browser as follows:
Internet Explorer™:
Opera™ :

If you reject to accept Cookies some or all functions of this website might be restricted.

7. Social Media PlugIns/ GoogleAnalytics

We do not use any social media plugins („Plugins“). Neither do we use website analytic tools like GoogleAnalytics or others.

8. Contact possibilities and your legal rights

As a customer/ user of this website you have the following rights:

  • according to Art. 15 DSGVO you have the right, to be informed about our data usage policy and which personal data we are using from you;
  • according to Art. 16 DSGVO you have the right, to ask for an immediate alteration of wrongly processed personal data which we are using from you;
  • according to Art. 17 DSGVO you have the right, to ask us to delete your personal data, as long as its usage/ processing doesn’t violate or request one of the following circumstances:
    – to guard the right of free speech;
    – to guard the right of contractual fulfilment;
    – for reasons of public interest or
    – to guard the any other legal contractual right or legal data saving obligation by the german government or any of its representative bodies like fiscal authorities, judges, etc.;
  • according to Art. 18 DSGVO you have the right, to restrict the usage of your private data, if
    – the corresponding data is incorrect;
    – the processing is not legal, but you disagree with the data deletion;
    – we do not need your data anymore, but you on the hoher hand will need the data to guard your personal contractual rights or
    – if you protested against the processing of the data in accordance with Art. 21 DSGVO
  • according to Art. 77 DSGVO you have the right, to complain with a regulatory/ controlling body if you feel violated in your privacy protection. Normally such regulatory/ controlling body sits within the jurisdiction of your residency or work or in our case the city of Berlin.


9. Miscellaneous

As we are a German company and have to apply primarily to german law this data protection policy is a translation from our German original which was drafted by our lawyers. In case of any translation discrepancies the German original version will juridically prevail and will be enforceable. The jurisdiction of GreatStay GmbH is in Berlin, Germany.

If you should have any other questions about our data protection processes, data saving, data deletion request or any other data protection related issues regarding GDPR please contact our data protection officer and managing director.